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Research on the Benefits of Mantra to the person

According to WebMD, mantra meditation can have many benefits, including:


Mantra meditation can help you feel calm and distract from distressing emotions like anxiety or fear.

Stress relief

The mental repetition of a mantra can reduce the mind's ability to keep up with stressful thoughts.

Brain health

Mantra meditation can help improve brain health by helping you be aware of situations that are in and out of your control.

Heart health

Research from Imperial College London suggests that mantra practice can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and decrease your heart rate. Regular practice can even help reverse heart disease.


Chanting mantras can improve immunity by stimulating the hypothalamus gland, which regulates many body functions, including immunity and some happy hormones.

Emotional benefits

Research from Macquarie University confirms that mantras can help calm the mind, increase focus, reduce stress, and uplift mood. 

Other benefits of mantra meditation include:

  • Purifying your rationalizing process

  • Healing emotional pain and sorrows

  • Helping you control your breath

  • Activating the relaxation response of the body 


More detailed results of scientific research into Mantra can be found here

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