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If your company wants to be listed on this web site:

I want to invite you to be listed as a recommended supplier of guiding services in a new free listing service, aimed at the North America market.

The listing service shares information about the Beyuls of Nepal. There is a lot of interest in this topic, the market being high value demographics. Affluent, educated, idiosyncratic, and flush with discretionary income.

In order to be listed, we want to ensure that your guiding services offer interpretation of the deeper meaning of Beyuls and share techniques such as Mantras, that can deepen the connection with the Beyuls.

  • Please reply with your company name, web site, and email contact information.

  • We will put a link to your web site on the directory

  • Please place a link to our website, on your site.

We recommend creating a paragraph or page for Beyul information and add the link to our website for more information on that page.

Suggested wording could be:

Guided trips to Nepal Beyuls

Nepal is one of the few places in the world you will find Beyuls. Hidden Paradise Valleys, the word "Beyul" literally means "hidden valleys". 

As His Holiness the Dalai Lama says

Beyuls are “. . . not places to escape the world, but to enter it more deeply. The qualities inherent in such places reveal the interconnectedness of all life and deepen awareness of the hidden regions of the mind and spirit.” - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

A Beyul is a sacred space that is spiritually important to the residents and respected as a powerful place. Beyuls are mountain valleys that can cover hundreds of square kilometers.

According to the beliefs of Tibetan Buddhism, Beyuls are hidden valleys that Padmasambhava blessed as refuges to foster world peace.

They describe valleys reminiscent of paradise, which can only be reached with enormous hardship. Pilgrims who travel to these wild and distant places often recount extraordinary experiences similar to those encountered by spiritual practitioners on the path to liberation.

Practices in Beyuls to cultivate inner peace include chanting the mantra “Om Mani Padmi hum.” On our trips we share with you tips and tools so that you too can fully experience the the landscape, mani stones, how to relate to prayer wheels, and how to use mantras to connect with the spirit of the Beyul.

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