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Mantras that connect to the  Beyul

Mantras connect us with the Sacredness of the Beyul.

Chant these mantras for a few minutes as you walk, just as the locals have done for hundreds of years.

This increases our peace, presence with the environment and our connection with the sacredness of this very mystical area

tibetan monk meditating on a

The Local Mantra that is chanted by many locals as they go about their work, and is carved on the rocks

Om Mani Padmi Om

This Chant means "Praise for the Jewel in the Lotus". Chanting this cultivates mindfulness, enabling one to focus on the present moment and let go of distractions. 

Here is a recording for you to play and chat along with:.

from Buddhist music YouTube channel

A Peace chant in English

May all beings be Peaceful

Our recommendation is to use the same mantra as the locals, however, if you find you cannot relate to it, then use this chant, which works great being chanted slowly as you walk, whether on the flats or uphill. Here is a recording to start you off on your journey.

a chant for peace being chanted while wa
May all beings be peaceful
Hindu yogis walking in the himalayas.jpg

Hindu Peace Mantra

Om Shanti

Millions of Indian yogis and pilgrims going on pilgrimage to the Himalayas use this mantra, which means “Eternal peace for all of mankind.” 

Research shows that these mantras affect the person saying the mantra by reducing mind noise, and increasing calmness and clarity. Here is a recording of this mantra:

Jewish Peace Mantra

Shalom aleichem

This Jewish mantra is also a greeting, in that Shalom means also hello. When "Shalom aleichem" is said then the meaning changes to "Peace to you"

People speaking Jewish peace mantra in t
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