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Just the Sight of the Mountains

Updated: Mar 25

As in the “Listen to the Sounds” Technique delivered in the Shiva Sutras, so we can apply the same technique to sight. We look at our surroundings through eyes that are not engaged in identifying threats or searching for opportunities to advance ourselves.

Instead, we look at our surroundings without label or judgment. As we do this, we see totally different vistas than normal. We notice beauty everywhere.

One very revealing use of this technique is when we are around people, such as walking on a street. Our normal way of being is to assess every person from the perspective of fear or greed. We automatically rank them on scales of comparative reality, such as more beautiful to less beautiful, wealth, health, fitness, danger, approachability and many more factors.

When we apply the Shiva Sutra technique, and move into oneness by dropping judgement, we reduce fear in our own bodies, we become more at ease with people, more welcoming, and experience greater liberation.

In the mountains, this technique has similar effects. We become available to bless all, to merge in oneness to all. We enjoy a patch of mud, we appreciate a storm, and wonder at the rocks and flowers.

The experiment:

Take a few minutes to look at the surroundings through the eyes of non-labeling, non-judgement, and oneness. Enjoy the experience. Notice how the surroundings take on more life. Notice how you become even more in tune with the environment. Notice how beauty pops out unexpectedly from the previously ordinary. Implement this regularly into your wilderness wanderings, and it will become part of you, increasing your joy and connection with all

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