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Just the Sound of the Mountains

Updated: Mar 27

Over one thousand years ago the Shiva Sutra’s were created in the Indian Himalayas. They give many yogic and mystical techniques for enlightenment. One of these techniques is to simply “Listen to the Sounds”

In normal life we listen through the ears of fear and greed, noticing sounds for their quality to alert us to danger, or alert us to opportunity. When we consciously drop that form of listening and instead listen to sound with no label we fall into oneness with the sounds. The sounds of formerly frightful noises can now be music. We can hear beyond the sounds and touch into a cosmic harmony that is always present.

The Experiment:

Next time you are in the mountains take some minutes to just "Listen to the Sounds" without applying your normal filter of interpretation of sound through the lenses of fear or greed. ENJOY!

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