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Mountain Mystic techniques #1 and 2

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Mountain travel frees up vast amounts of time for different forms of brain use.

Lets Use that Time to help the planet!

For thousands of years seekers have roamed the mountains, on journeys of discovery, inward journeys that contribute to life on the planet, add your contribution as you travel or linger in wild places

Here are some ways to use that time, that will increase your mystical qualities

1. Bless the world

The fundamental use of your time. As you walk bring your thoughts to your heart. Feel love for all humans. Allow that heartfelt love to flow out of every part of your body. You may want to raise your hands to you can feel the flow of heartfelt energy out of them to the world. Your potential is to do this for hours while travelling.


Many world religions have chants that bless the world.

In Buddhism the Mountain Mystics chant “Om Mani Padmi Om” constantly. Sherrpas in Nepal chant this even when climbing on the highest mountains such as Mt Everest.

In Hinduism the pilgrimage into the mountains term is Yatra. The chanting on Yatras can be “Om Nama Shivaya”

In Christianity, Yahweh is one of the original mantras. If you repeat this mantra silently try to mentally say "Yah" on the inhale, and "weh" on the exhale. Hear these chants here

In Islam, “Allahu Akbar” is a common chant. You can read more about this here

The Sikh mantra is “Sat Nam” translates into “My Heart is True”. You can read more about that here:

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